Liverpool 2-2 West Ham United

taking on carroll.jpg
Feels like a losing battle, no?

We might as well talk about Loris Karius, because that is what the world wants apparently.

Have you ever seen a situation where it’s a brand new story, but you already feel like you know the ending?

Karius has not done himself any favors in recent weeks, but luckily I am here to offer some advice and save his Liverpool career.

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Mo’s Last Ride?

This year’s Mo’ raised $210 USD. 

A special thank you to all the folks that donated. I’ll likely send you something ‘special’ directly to your Facebook pages for going along for the ride.

Movember is such a difficult month for me. Something bad always happens, this year, a three-week sinus cold.

Movember is also grateful time of year with Thanksgiving and our last moments to reflect before the onslaught of holiday season turns into over drive.

If there is one thing we hope to spread here at TIAWTL, it is to try to improve daily. It doesn’t have to be a monumental shift in how we behave. Once we get a little momentum going, we often surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish.


Nurse David


Donate to the Nurse David Movember page.


Mo’29: Liverpool 2-0 Leeds United (EFL)

I know, right?!

I’m so excited for  Ben Woodburn. Only 17 years old and he’s already bagged one at the Kop end.

We didn’t look sharp for large portions and were lucky to keep a clean sheet, but we’re off to the semi-finals of the EFL Cup.

Here’s to hoping Woodburn is the second coming of Ian Rush. No pressure though kid, just keep having fun, the rest will fall into place.



Mo’19: Southampton 0-0 Liverpool

hand grabbing.jpg
So much grabbing going on.

Hate isn’t a word I throw around a lot, but I do hate international breaks. This particulate time, the break completely reset our momentum. Of course there is always the risk of getting injured in Adam Lallana’s case. Coming back and facing a well disciplined Southampton side didn’t help us get back into the swing of things either.

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