Escaping Work With…More Work?


What. The. Hell.

No, really, more work. Until I am able to live my much lusted after life of leisure I have been diversifying in the work place. I feel a bit like Ed Norton in Fight Club now that I have started taking on more nursing jobs. I no longer feel like a ship stuck in the sand when the acuity at the hospital soars and all I have to look forward to is, “more of that.”

A group of surgeons I work with have their own busy out patient practice I started working for per diem. It is a lovely change of pace, scenery and faces on top of some extra spending cash (can we finally max out the Roth IRA?). Nursing is the path I decided to take after my time in the music industry because there are so many options out there. One of my goals is to be more active in the community and this is a step in that direction.

Now I will bide my time, stacking my dollar bills, until I can replace escaping “more work” with affording more school.


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