“I’m Not Going To Let You Fail”


“I’m not going to let you fail.” These are the words of my first nursing mentor Vicky. I had just been promoted after three months on the night shift to take charge of a long term care unit with 33 patients, three CNAs, and no unit clerk. I did have a director, Vicky, and those are words I still carry with me to this day. With one sentence she wiped away any apprehension I had about taking on this new job and also made me extremely confident.

I have often heard the saying, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” This is so much more powerful than that. It is a safety net. Someone taking accountability for me and in return I did not want to disappoint. It is not a statement that says mistakes will never happen, but a statement that no matter how difficult things get there will always be someone to help.

On my med/surg floor, we work with several Rochester area nursing schools. I often get the privilege to have students shadow me or help take care of patients on my assignment. The students are often quite nervous and I try to instill this sense of confidence that I will not let them fail either. Nursing is a job that can take anywhere from six months to a year before you feel comfortable in your practice. Depending on the field, the learning curve can be steep as well. It is important that every nurse, new or old, know there is someone to help when they have questions or when patients take a turn for the worse.

My student clinical experience left a lot to be desired. The instructors were great, but the majority of the nurses we worked with wanted little to do with students. As a result, we had a choose your own adventure style to our clinical. I would always attempt to find a nurse willing to share knowledge and experience, it did not always pan out that way. Due to this I feel an extreme obligation to make a positive impact on the students I get to work with. I have a vested interest in helping mold better nurses because chances are I will end up working with some of them.

As this blog develops, I will include several of my nursing experiences I have learned from as a guide for many of the frequently asked questions I receive. I also will discuss much of my nursing philosophy/theory (I steal from Betty Neuman…a lot), because I find the process of why we act fascinating. I am always looking to add something to my way of thinking or nursing practice.

“I’m not going to let you fail…” is what I tell myself as I struggle in life, specifically with my gardening…check out the bloom on my blue passion flower! LOOK AT IT!!! Awesome…a little success.


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