MURDER BY DEATH Sep 16th Waiting Room Buffalo, NY

Murder By Death (band)(Photo by Murder By Death)

Update (Sept 16th, 2015): Looks like the snow is going to hold off just long enough for us to get to this show and back! Tickets still available. Spotify playlist and original post after the break.

Will it be snowing in Buffalo when MBD resume their support of Big Dark Love again in September? Probably. And unless the NY State Thru Way is shut down I will be there enjoying them for the first time since seeing them play on a boat (TWICE!) sailing down the East River in NYC during the Good Morning, Magpie era. A quick review of their recent set lists shows they have been playing songs from everything except Exorcist with no two shows being alike.

The new album sounds great/haunting live, you should come and join me.

Tickets are $15

Obligatory set list compilation after the break, new stuff listed first as to avoid spoilers.


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