Happy 4th Of July


It can be difficult to be patriotic these days. I am often overwhelmed by the amount of apathy and indifference I see from many of my countrymen and women. My politicians do not give me much hope or faith. I wonder how often we look back at our history instead of consuming reality TV, trolling message boards or senselessly bickering among one another on the issues that divide us (instead of focusing on what unites us!).

On this day of our independence, I am overwhelmed with a difference feeling, a sense of gratitude. I had a difficult time sleeping last night. I woke up early, like a kid on Christmas morning, and searched YouTube for stories about the origin of the Star Spangled Banner; our National Anthem. It is a fantastic tale about Francis Scott Key and his account of the resistance, sacrifice and pride in our fledgling country.

The thing I love about history is depending on who you talk to, the story stays the same, but the details can vary with each telling. I have watched three or four of these stories this morning and will link a solid one below. Share these moments of history with your loved ones. If you are reading this in another country, share your stories the same.

I still cry anytime a good rendition of the Anthem is played. So do not forget when you are watching those “bombs bursting in air” why those words are so important. Be happy, be safe, and have a wonderful Independence Day my countrymen and women.

(If the link failed, just YouTube “Star Spangled Banner story”)


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