Someone Do Somethin’ ’bout This Heat…


Go on…Try and tell me you’re not ready to join me on the back porch and knock back a couple amazing libations. I know I can almost hear the…

“But Finchy, you shouldn’t ‘fruit’ the beer” – Every beer snob I’ve ever met

Well, kiss my grits! Ballast Point Brewing Company has got a good thing going on, and you aught to know. Allow me to count the ways: 1) Their logo is a sextant , awesome. 2) It is from San Diego, and it still tastes fantastic in upstate New York. 3) Did I mention it tastes fantastic!?!?!?

So next time you are at your local watering hole or bevvy and you see Ballast Point (of any kind) on tap, try one. Watch out for the Habenero Sculpin, it is worth a try, but it is intense. I couldn’t feel my face after a couple sips. As a nurse and potential role model, I endorse it*.

*As a nurse and potential role model, hear me out: Drink in moderation. I take no joy in seeing patients with alcohol induced pancreatitis, liver failure or alcohol withdrawal. It is not sexy.

Yay Beer!


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