The Beardsman’s Kit: The Combs


Ah, so you have decided to grow a beard; excellent news! So how do we start taking care of our new furry facial accessory?

With a handmade non-molded comb, preferably. Stay with me here. There are literally dozens of ways beards die; your partner doesn’t initially love it, the initial itching, clumsiness with the trimmers, you…”comb it improperly?”

It is true. I think we can all agree balance is a good thing to have in life. Hair has natural oils that protect it and keep it strong. Unfortunately, myself included, the comb most of us have is one of those cheap black molded plastic combs. If you take a close look at the teeth you either feel or see the seem where it was pressed together. That sharp edge will strip your hair of its natural oils or worse, damage your beard. No one wants a frizzy unmanageable beard with a ton of split ends.

The solution is simple, inexpensive, and quite stylish. Once you get past the initial excitement of growing an awesome beard, you will need to start working on your kit (combs, oils, trimmers, scissors, etc). Find yourself a hand made comb that has been polished to eliminate any of the sharp edges that you will find on molded combs. Kent Brushes has been making quality products since 1777. I trust they know what they are doing. Remember, buying a quality item that will last a lifetime is worth the investment.

My kit currently contains the three pictured brushes; a tiny mustache comb, a pocket comb for work, and a medium-coarse/fine hair comb for styling/working in oils. I will talk more about oils in a future post. You can find these combs just about anywhere online, but The Beard Baron turned me on to them, so whenever I need something new, I buy from him. The three combs will cost around $30 USD.

Feel free to drop me a line with any questions/requests. Let me know if you have found something awesome I should try out. And if you want to send me something to try out, contact me below.


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