Accountability & Yoga (Part II: The Doctors Office)

To recap: I’m sick of feeling older than my age, I have back pain, and yoga has given me mild relief.

This blog has been keeping me accountable.

Every time I don’t want to do something I know deep down needs to be done I am quickly reminded this blog exists and anyone can call me out on my BS. My next stop is my primary care physician (PCP), $30 for a non-wellness visit.

Having a PCP is crucial. Getting your yearly physical is crucial. I often tell people, “Nursing is boring, if you do it right.” It is my job to find small problems before they become full blown crises. No one wants to hear they have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, low thyroid function, the list goes on. Most of these thing can be remedied with simple life style changes that we have 100% control over. You want to find these things early or you will eventually submit and be taking medication for the rest of your life, or face the medical consequences.

A quick physical exam in the office concluded I had no nervous system complications or damage, we are talking about my spine here. I received prescriptions for a stronger anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer. In addition to the medicine I was encouraged to get x-rays at the local imaging office (approximately $45 through my work insurance). 

Gowns are cozy, “What!? You can see my buns?!”

I knew the results before the doctor read them back to me; mild to moderate reverse s-shaped scoliosis. I have been living with this without limitation up until now. Then it hit me, where could I find a physical therapist (PT)? I am not about to drive five hours to see my big brother @AlpineAthlete in Vermont even though it would be well worth the trip. I have a wife, two kids, two jobs; time and money are limitations.

My PCP pointed me in the direction of a highly recommended PT near me. I made appointments for evaluation and follow up this morning. The medicine and the yoga has helped minimize my pain, but I am not even close to where I want to be. However, I do have something new, momentum. I want to highlight that because we don’t always have a cheering section to encourage and guide us to the next logical step. If we act positively positive results follow. If we procrastinate or allow ourselves to be consumed with inner or external negativity, the results will be negative.

Again, I chronicle this to hold myself accountable. When you write a goal down (the more specific the better) we give it power to drive us forward. I have made a decision that I will not complain about things I can fix; I will search and implement solutions. We are in charge of our own health, wellness and happiness. I hope someone reads this and decides to do something similar. And if you need a cheering section, I got you covered.

To be continued


2 thoughts on “Accountability & Yoga (Part II: The Doctors Office)

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