Pinner Throwback IPA


When I describe this beer as an “entry level” IPA (India Pale Ale) and “light and refreshing” I mean them as compliments of the highest order. Oskar Blues Brewery has a beer that you can use as a weapon against your friend who’s beer taste is limited to what they see on TV. You could hand them a Hopslam, but you’ll spend the rest of the night coaxing your buddy out of the coat closet and back to the party.

But you don’t want to give a beer like that to someone who won’t appreciate it, do you? You need to ease them into the hoppiness that IPAs pack. This beer can do just that. But it’s not just for making a new fan of IPAs. At 4.9% and 35 IBU it is a fine beer when you need to drink for distance (i.e. long BBQs or sporting events). If you buy it and do not like it, contact me and if you are within driving distance, I will take it off your hands.

Drink responsibly, even when you are going for distance. Hydrate, throw a nap or two in there too. Naps rule!


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