Liverpool FC 2015/16


Get the !@#$ IN!!!

I have been a fan of the Reds since learning of Ian Rush and Robbie Fowler; two of the best number 9’s in LFC history.

 I wore the number 9 in high school until it became more fun chasing girls than through balls in college. Since Lambertinho is on his way out, I don’t think he’ll mind.

I feel a sense of optimism about the upcoming season. So much so that I went all in on this New Balance home kit. It has a cool stretched checkered pattern on the chest, the Liverbird on the front and I LOVE that The ’96’ and Hillsborough flames continue to feature on the back of the neck. It is a nice touch Warrior added carried over by New Balance. “LIVERPOOL FC” is all over the jersey with slight contrast to the checkered pattern. Personally, I am a fan of collars, alas, there is no collar.


I am optimistic because we are beyond the mess of post-Suarez era. Even with the lure of Champions League the money spent on Lovren, Markovic, and Moreno last summer is reminiscent of Spurs post-Bale spending and lack of impact those players initially provided. Last Summer’s signings still have time to come good, but failed to make the impact necessary to secure CL football this season. Markovic faces the most competition for game time this upcoming season. Hopefully pride (or whatever) will urge our lads to justify their transfer fees.

Once our last couple of friendlies are complete and the transfer window all but closed, I will put my thoughts in writing to see how badly I wrong come season’s end!



One thought on “Liverpool FC 2015/16

  1. Update: Well, I couldn’t have predicted the Lambert move any better. He signed with West Brom today. There’s still some tread on those tires Rickie. Your spell at LFC was not scripted how we’d all like, but we wish you the best at WBA (when you’re not playing us!). YNWA.


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