Postural Salvation 

While there is confounding research that says posture does not play a role in pain, here at TIAWTL we think it’s time to take a stance against poor posture in our society.

As a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist, one of my primary roles is helping clients have a positive relationship with movement. This starts with having good posture; notice I said good posture, not ideal posture. As a historical note, in the 1950’s Chiropractors ran posture contests much like today’s beauty contests. That is not what this is about.

This is about acknowledging that much of our energy when we walk or run comes from the elasticity and recoil in our bodies. Approximately 50% of our motion is derived in this way. Forward head posture, protracted shoulders, excessive kyphosis, pronounced anterior pelvic tilt, and feet perpetually in plantarflexion restrict our ability to have a positive relationship with movement.

 @DrAndreoSpina: You have to train for things to happen, and for things not to happen.

Here is a really quick example you can do without putting down your smart phone: take your phone and squeeze it as hard as you can with your hand. Notice how the body instinctively brings the wrist into extension to have a better length / tension relationship for generating force. Now maintaining your wrist in full flexion, repeat trying to squeeze your phone. See the impact of aberrant posture?

The drills will follow.

The choice is yours.

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There is another way to live


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