“One More Day Like Today and I’ll Kill You.”


Perspective. It’s hard to obtain perspective when you need it on, well…yourself. How do we take a step back to evaluate our situation when we are currently involved with a situation we’re struggling with? My answer is simple…

Go out and get yourself a journal or a goofy little notepad a police officer would use to write the citation, “You have the right to remain SEXY.” Keep this notebook close by, in your locker or your car. Each day write something in this book, one sentence, a fragment even. After a handful of days, weeks or months, we’ll have some first-hand feedback to assess what is actually happening.

Let me give you an example: when I started out as a nurse, I often wondered, “Exactly how much crap do I take before I start looking for a new job?” I got myself a little flip notebook and started taking daily stock of how things were going. Here are some of my personal favorites…

  • Patient dying, doing everything we can to keep them comfy, family super appreciative
  • The recreation director has no sense of humor and should not be in charge of fun
  • Co-worker left me a steaming pile this morning…took all day to clean up
  • Miserable day
  • Learned how to do a wound vac bridge from sacrum to superior hip, AWESOME!
  • Awesome care plan in progress, patient quality of life improving

Over time, we can start seeing themes. We can start seeing the frustration and satisfaction clearly. We can start to determine whether we are in a fulfilling relationship or if is time for a change. In terms of work, things ebb and flow like the tide, it’s inevitable. However, it is important to understand we are in control of our own happiness.


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