The Beardsman’s Kit: The Scissors


If there is such a thing as the Holy Trinity for the Beardsman’s Kit, it’s comb, brush, and scissors. I suppose if you are never going to grow a beard past an inch long, scissors can be replaced with trimmers. Trimmers, however, are not a part of my kit at all. I’ll explain.

I am a big fan of the natural look. Trimmers are great for overall uniformity of your beard or mustache lip line, that is just not the style I am after. So if you are planning on growing a beard longer than a month or so, investing (yes, investing) in a pair of quality scissors is a must.

I wouldn’t be writing this if the moral ended up being, “go to your junk drawer and get your everyday utility scissors.” We need to be more specific than that. What we are after are micro-serrated scissors. The length is up to personal preference and I like them short for accuracy. Accuracy is exactly what we are after when we put blades near our faces.

Look near the tip, see the grooves? Groovy!

There is nothing particularly fancy about trimming a beard with scissors. We want our beard to be dry and free of products; grab our comb, comb up, then down to see what needs some trimming. Make small/short cuts and trim off the hairs sticking out of line, just the “crumbs.” We want the serrated blade because it will hold the hair in place without it sliding out towards the end of the scissor when we make our cuts, nullifying our effort. It is painstaking work and it takes practice, but it is extremely rewarding when you can DIY trim.

Ignore the mustache, it has to wait its turn.

Remember when I mentioned investing? It wasn’t a shameless plug for my friend Financial Farley (whoops!). The scissors I ended up spending my hard-earned duckets on was $55, imported from Solingen “City of Blades”, Germany. They are built to last a lifetime and one day I hope to pass them on to my son, should he be into this sort of thing. I am a big fan of quality and appreciation. The Beard Baron taught me just about everything I know about the bearded life and has yet to let me down with one of his recommended products.

Additional trimming tips:

  • Don’t be drunk (or under the influence)
  • Don’t be depressed
  • Don’t be rushed for time
  • Do take it slow
  • Do use the right tool
  • If you are not sure, walk away
  • Frustrated, walk away
  • When starting out, give yourself a quota of 10, 20 etc cuts, walk away
  • Trim with a shirt and/or background in contrast to your beard for better vision
  • It’ll grow back

Far too many beards meet and untimely demise for a plethora of reasons, don’t let it be because of the tools. Do some research and find a great pair of serrated scissors of your own and have some fun. Drop me a message if you have any questions.

2 thoughts on “The Beardsman’s Kit: The Scissors

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