Hail to the King, Baby


I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure I like the idea of pumpkin beer season starting in early August. The idea that I’m going to buy beer I love and forget I have it for three months just isn’t working out as planned.

Remember a while back I was talking up Shipyard Pumpkinhead? Well, that’s my favorite regular ABV (4.5%) pumpkin beer. Enter Southern Tier Pumking, an Imperial weighing in at 8.6% ABV. It’s a spicy pumpkin-y nutmeg-y explosion with a creamy finish. As I may have mentioned previously, if you are after a beer with a hint of pumpkin, this is not your beer. It is consistently great and plentiful in the New York region (hence why I held off on professing my love for it). You should be able to find it in stores, classy bars, and I even discovered it in a local dive.

Southern Tier also makes a Warlock Stout which is surprisingly awesome as well. It still manages to retain the heart of the pumpkin taste while adding more of a chocolate finish. Should you stumble across the Pumking or the Warlock, it’s worth a punt. Let me know what you think!


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