Arsenal 0 – 0 Liverpool


If you had offered me a point prior to this match I would have bitten your hand off because our record at the Emirates was not a good one. I nervously moved from patient to patient as I worked through my 12-hour shift at the hospital. Fortunately, I had a patient who kept me updated throughout the match. I was able to see bits and pieces, but never enough to make a post of any credibility. I did have some thoughts however…


  • My goodness does Milner look great in a Liverpool kit
  • A tiny bit of Ramsey’s shoulder may have been offside, flag should have stayed down
  • Migs should have covered the near post better
  • Coutinho, unlucky after Benteke puts it on a silver platter
  • Both teams had injuries affecting the line ups, Arsenal’s were more significant
  • Screw you Petr Cech (on Benteke)
  • Seriously, screw you Petr Cech (fingers to Coutinho’s effort)
  • thumb_9871_default_news_size_5No pen for Giroud, little complaint either
  • All the calls seem to be going our way, not looking forward to the boomerang effect
  • Better shout for a pen on Benteke, okay with the non-call
  • Moreno looks like a super-sub, perhaps some experimenting early in the cups on the wing?
  • Both teams missed chances
  • Both goalies were good, Cech fantastic
  • Happy with the point
  • Do we seriously have three clean sheets?!

(Extended Highlights, English commentary)


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