Accountability & Yoga (Epilogue: The Program)

Four weeks and five PT sessions later, my therapist Jacqui and I agree I can start lifting some free weights and exercising on my own.

My PT has consisted of stretching (primarily my hamstrings and hips), core strengthening exercises with the Swiss Ball, weight machines (quads, hamstrings, lats & triceps) and balancing on an inverted Bosu Ball. After all that, we’ve been cooling down with ice compresses and e-stim, which rules and make me feel amazing.

My back feels great, but my scoliosis is never going away. It is now up to me to continue to progress and keep my core strong via exercise, stretching, lifting and yoga (for increase flexibility/injury prevention). I have a brand new yoga mat, the Athletic 2gripMat (5mm), from Gaiam. It’s big, super good stick for when my palms/feet get a little sweaty, and with 5mm cushion it is still firm enough for good balance while remaining comfy.


The program I am going to be rocking for the next 12 odd weeks is Body-for-Life (BFL). BFL is a weight lifting, cardio, and nutrition plan (high protein and potion control). I’ll go in depth as I begin to chronicle the journey with weekly updates on my progress. I also intend to continue with the stretching and yoga as part of my nightly routine. Yoga chills me right out at the end of a long day and vastly improves my sleep. Lastly, I want to get back out on the trails running, but am going to hold off until midway through BFL to see if my body can take the stress I am about to put it through.

Excited. Nervous. Sore (the good kind).

Have you tried a program like this? Have any thoughts or words of encouragement? Feel free to message me in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Accountability & Yoga (Epilogue: The Program)

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  2. I love my Yoga. My knees have been a challenge recently though, but I’m learning how to better manage the poses that are hard on them. Weightlifting and treadmill are my other exercises. Excercise in general helps my well being in all areas so I keep it up. It’s positively one of the best ways toward a positive attitude and better life.

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  3. I highly recommend skipping the treadmill and trying the elliptical machine. Where the ‘mill has incline and different speeds, the elliptical has resistance is much less impact/pounding on your knees.

    Check out the Yoga Studio app, it’s quality. If you’ve got no cartilage in your knees, that’s one thing. If that’s not the case focus on hamstring/quad/calf stretches and your knees will thank you!


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