Body-for-LIFE: Prologue


This journey is dedicated to one of the most fantastic guys I have met, Jim “Doc” Seward. My sophomore year of college he did the Body-for-LIFE Challenge and completely transformed not only his body, but his whole vibe changed.

 Doc was confident, more energetic and looked amazing. I saw Doc just last week, he is in his 60’s and still looks great. Positivity and optimism just oozes from the guy and that’s something I want to add to my life.

For those unfamiliar with the Body-for-LIFE Challenge, it is a 12-week weight lifting, cardio and nutrition program. I am not doing the official Challenge, but I am doing the program in full. I am at a time in my life where I don’t compete against other people the way I did in the past. My competition is with myself, I struggle daily to make healthy choices and have the energy to do the things I want to with my two children and wife.

The program asked me some pointed questions:

Have I made the decision to change? Yes, I wouldn’t be baring my soul on the internet If I wasn’t prepared to back it up.

What are the reasons for making the decision to change? I will gain strength, energy, be able to chase the kids around, have the fitness level to run, prevent injury, add longevity to my life and kick my depression until it bleeds searing white light!

When I look at myself, Do I honestly like what I see? I’m not going to lie, I think the beard and mustache are dead sexy (and I don’t care if you agree or not). Now that we have that out of the way, I am not satisfied with my upper body, primarily my core strength. My abs are non-existent, my core is weak, and I have A-cup pectorals. I have little chicken wings on my back and my arms are toned, but small and relatively weak. After 25+ years of soccer and skiing my legs still look good, but fatigue easy and my hips are weak/tight.

How do I feel deep down inside? Getting a little personal here Body-for-LIFE…I feel weak and tired all the time.

How do I really feel about myself? WEAK…and TIRED. I feel like I constantly let my family down with my lack of energy.

Am I confident, energetic, and strong? Yes, no and no.

Do I often wonder if I am on the right path? Constantly.

What are the pros and cons of continuing in the direction I am going? It’s easy to just live and do nothing, but it makes me feel depressed, dissatisfied and limits the ability to live the way I actually want to; with positivity and passion.

Would I like to create a brighter future? Do bears poop in the forest Body-for-LIFE? YES!

Next I need to set some future based goals to accomplish in the 12 weeks that stir powerful emotions and get me EXCITED about my future:

  • I will gain 10 pounds of muscle
  • I will be able to run confidently and without pain
  • I am going to be positive and not project my fears and frustrations on those around me
  • I will have all-day energy and  be ready for anything awesome that presents itself
  • I will eat healthy nutritious food and share the habits with my family

Let’s break some patterns and set some new ones:

  • I will stop drinking Coca-Cola
  • I won’t nap during the day to allow myself more time to write
  • I will work out routinely and make no excuses
  • I will discover nutritious and tasty food
  • I will focus on positivity and the future
  • I am going to meet my goals and create new ones

That was cathartic! I will be reading those goals and habit changes first thing every morning and right before turning out the light to go to bed. This will help me remain focused and accountable throughout with the program. There is power in putting pen to paper (keyboard to net?). If there is one thing I am it is honest. I won’t allow myself to live as a hypocrite. Should I fail, I will tell you exactly why it happened. Then I’m going to get up, adjust, and get back after it.

Join me on this journey, I’ll make it worth your while. There will be self-deprecating ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. I’ll fill you in weekly on how sore I am and how the workouts are going. I’ll tell you all the beautiful and awful things that happen during the trip I am about to take.  I will explain more about how the program works and maybe you will want to go on a journey of your own, encourage or make fun of me. I would appreciate/find humor in your feedback.

(Quick disclaimer: I sought the advice of my primary care physician and the physical therapist I have been working with for the past four weeks to be cleared (healthy enough) to do this program. I strongly suggest anyone attempting a new program do the same. Any questions, hit me up in the comments.)


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