What’s In My Pockets? Red Caps!


Awe yeah, always get yourself a fist full of red caps at the start of your shift surgical nurses. Why do some of our hospital gowns have cool little button snaps for the arms and not others? I don’t know, but you’ll need a red cap if you’re going to swap out that dirty gown.

 I am a roving medical supply store with my scrubs chocked full of goodies when I walk into a patient’s room. When one of the providers orders a STAT blood draw on my patient with a PICC line I don’t have to run out to the nurse server.

If I don’t feel like priming a bag of TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) in front of the patient, I do it in the med room and put a red cap on the end of the line. The patient’s PICC gets cleaned and flushed, the cap comes off, the line gets connected and away we go with the TPN.

When we need to dilute a drug in a 10cc normal saline syringe we put a red cap cherry on top. If we’re walking by a room with the IV pump beeping because the antibiotic is done and the patient can be capped, reach for the red cap, they’re sterile after all.

They do have expiration dates, but we go through so many of them, I’ve yet to see one expire. Still, check it. Re-load as needed. Why?

“It’s part of the uniform sucka!”

That’s why.

-Nurse David


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