Changing PICC Caps

“Hey, I can’t get this PICC cap off, where’s Nurse David?”

As flattering as that quote might appear, I would guess I am currently the 8th strongest nurse on the unit. I don’t have man-hands, I have dexterous little Elven hands. I’m not chiseled out of oak (yet), I more closely resemble 150 lbs of loosely piled beer foam.

Pictured above is my method to remove stubborn PICC caps and change them. Several Kelly clamps met their untimely death attempting to change PICC caps. Sometimes blood or TPN can act as a bonding agent stronger than crazy glue. Grab some alcohol pads and clean off the distal port of the PICC and the cap, let it dry. Grab a spare tourniquet, loosely wrap both the end port and the cap, twist.

Finish by scrubbing the hub for a minimum of 15 seconds with another alcohol pad, let it dry, apply a new cap, flush the line. Move on with your life with your dignity intact.

Share this with your nursing friends. If you love my bad drawings and want a numbered and signed copy…I’ll be super surprised, but maybe we can work something out.

-Nurse David


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