Telemetry Ahoy!


The official telemetry color of Nurse David is ‘Sea Foam Green.’ I like to be able to see my patients on the monitors easily. At the start of each shift I find my people on the tele box, print out a strip and make them Sea Foam Green™.

As a surgical floor, we only occasionally get unstable telemetry patients. Most of our patients need to be cleared by a cardiologist prior to their procedures. Nonetheless, it is good to be able to make our patients stand out so we can glance up at the monitors in the hallway and see how they are doing. Of course we look out for all the tele patients, but when it is our patient we will know what is normal for the patient, or what is an expected/known finding.

General Telemetry Tips for Beginners

  • Don’t fear tele patients, there’s no better time to learn than now
  • We treat the patient, not the monitor
    • V-tach isn’t always V-Tach (artifact?)
    • Asystole isn’t always asystole (tele leads removed?)
      • Check the patient; are they brushing their teeth or unresponsive?
  • The rhythm is either normal or it’s not
    • If it’s not, is that expected? I.e. do they have a.fib? Recent myocardial infarction? Heart block?
  • If there’s a cool cardiologist, pick their brain, learn, share.

What’s your favorite telemetry color? Have you trade marked it?

-Nurse David


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