Manchester United 3 – 1 Liverpool


I am trying my hardest not to devolve into a full fledged b*tch-fest, but Brendan Rodgers is not making it easy on LFC supporters. I’ll attempt to keep it objective.

 What the hell are we doing? What exactly is our thing? Are we going to press, not really. Are we going to counter attack, maybe. Are we going to hoof it up to Benteke and hope he’s as good from range as Xabi Alonso, sounds like a decent plan. No really, what the hell are we all about? So many square balls, so many back passes, so much allowing the opposition to get set up to defend whatever poor excuse of an attack we try to put together. We’ve scored three goals in five games. Two of them we wonder strikes and the other was so far offside against Bournemouth, a high school linesman would have made the correct call.

We can’t rationally expect this to be the norm, but DAMN Ben!

Then in the post match supporters have to endure this, “We need to create more chances” nonsense out of Rodgers. THAT’S YOUR JOB! Fox Sport Group have backed Rodgers with cash and big signings and he’s failing to produce anything of value. It’s his job to put the pieces together and it’s not as easy as penning, “L. Suarez” on the game sheet anymore. Rodgers has shown such a lack of flexibility in his tactics and yet he’s expecting a different and better result. He’s clearly not getting the best out of the squad and you have to wonder if he’s starting to lose the locker room.

What else could possibly explain what’s happening with the Reds currently? Surely even the most devout Liverpool haters would admit there’s some good players in this squad. Hendo, Benteke, Clyne, Milner, Coutinho, Firmino, Can and Moreno all have the potential to be class players. Let’s say you don’t even believe that, could I sell you on average? Okay, let’s assume you’ve bought in now: Rodgers isn’t even getting average out of these players currently. That’s the point. I honestly believe Mignolet could be competent in goal if he didn’t have the pants-$#!+ing experience of playing behind Lovren and Skrtel. Clyne and Gomez are so close to those two in a vain attempt to cover them that our width and ability to attack the flanks going forward is dead on arrival.

skinned alive
Moments after Martin Skrtel was found skinned alive.

I wonder what it’s going to take for FSG to move on from Rodgers. In his fourth season with the club surely they would expect us to have an identity, some return on investment. There’s no confidence, no swagger, no attack and no plan; unless you count endless square balls and back passes (we’re not even proficient with that tactic). With much of the jam out of my doughnut I will wait and see where we go from here, recently it’s been mind-numbing and it feels like forever since we started with two wins.


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