Body-for-LIFE: Week Two


All told, not a bad week as I address challenges in my lifting schedule, set new personal records on the cardio and struggle mightily with the nutrition aspect of the Body-for-LIFE Program.

Getting Creative

Monday was Labor Day and unfortunately I had to labor, albeit on an evening shift at the hospital. My preferred gym was closed for the holiday and I briefly thought, “What’s one day off going to hurt?” We’ve all been here before, one day leads to another day leading to no longer working out at all. Then I started thinking, what do I have in my house?

I initially thought, “I’ll do push ups and various planks to get the job done.” Then, just like Gandalf hearing the footsteps of the Balrog in the mines of Moria, I remembered, the PERFECT PUSHUP. In case some of you aren’t aware there is this fitness product coined the “PERFECT PUSHUP.” It was forged by Satan (not true) as an instrument of pure evil (unsubstantiated speculation).

Old school model

I actually had to tap out for the first time as I failed to complete my sets as I adjusted the placement of the discs to focus on shoulders, chest, and triceps. The discs rotate depending on how you set them up so they use multiple muscle groups. Personally, I’d rather be pumping iron than have to spend one more moment with these demonic things. I was able to put together an effective back work out with my Swiss ball, doing some Superman/Reverse-Superman exercises. Lastly, I utilized my baby boy, “Little Bear” (18 lbs.) for some bicep curls rounding out the workout. Holy schnikes did this bring on, “The Sore.” An epsom salt bath followed.

I had a fantastic week of cardio. Still rocking the elliptical at the gym and cranking up the resistance as needed to keep the intensity where it needs to be. Sweat pours down by the end of the run and I really push it for the last interval. I reached a new personal best with a peak heart rate of 182.

By the time I got to my lower body workout on Wednesday my shoulders were still aching like crazy from those damn instruments of Satan (Actually created by a Navy Seal). I continue to set new personal bests each time I work out my lower body. I have been crushing the quad, hamstring and calf workouts. I still needed to find a more effective way to work out my abs and I’ve found some dynamic plank exercises by Equinox that do the trick as I feel the ab work out days later.

Getting Creeped Out

I love the sauna. So much that I’ve been pricing out one for the house (I’m not really going to buy a sauna). I’m a purist and studied what the Finns do and emulate my behavior accordingly. I’d bring in a handful of birch twigs if I could. After my workout, I get a good cleansing shower then hop into the sauna and take off my towel to sit on. I clasp my hands and place them over my junk and I meditate on the day, relax, and sweat out all the awful things my body absorbs.

I’ve been naked and alone, until this week when a 50-something guy came in with boxers on, a fist full of clothing, AND HIS GROSS WORK OUT SHOES! “DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE” I screamed inside my head. Saunas are technically baths to sweat out impurities in the body and here this guy is putting his filthy shoes on the benches other people sit on. As much as I frown upon this behavior, it’s not against the gym rules. This guy was literally warming up, in the sauna, with his shoes. Next time I will have my squirt bottle with me and turn this dry sauna into a wet sauna. Technically, not against the rules, muwahaha!

Getting Prepared

The nutrition aspect of the program is still an area in need of improvement. One, preparing the food the night before isn’t always getting done. Two, when working a 12 hour shift, it’s hard to eat every three hours. Three, on an eight hour shift that I get asked to work an additional four hours (which I can’t refuse), I tend to get caught with my pants down with a lack of meals. I need to be preparing more food on Sunday for the week and that means crock-potting lots of chicken and preparing some fish as well. This upcoming week is mahi mahi week. Lots of protein and good fats in fish, always buy the wild caught if you have a choice, much tastier.

That’s it for this week, drop me a comment with any feedback, words of encouragement or recommendations on how I can get my, “poop in a group” for my meal plan.


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