Bordeaux 1 – 1 Liverpool


It was a rather dull affair up until the last 15 minutes coinciding with the Rossiter (MotM for me) substitution when things opened up. Bordeaux were able to equalize due in part to Brannagan ball watching the juggling display and losing his mark.


Most of the game felt lifeless to me. Lallana’s goal was fantastic, but came from very little. Ings was terribly unfortunate not to have double the lead after just coming on, he’ll want that one back. It wasn’t a bad performance by our lads, but our chronic problems remain glaring eye sore. There’s so little support for a lone striker in what I’ll loosely call a system. Origi should have attempted to take more defenders on, but he was on an island when he received the ball in the final third. There’s such a gap between the midfield and the loan striker the way we’ve been playing, support takes forever to arrive.

Ibe and Moreno did a decent job of providing more width than we’ve been used to, but the crossing/passing in the final third left a lot to be desired. We did a little pressing early on, we tried some counter attacks, but we still lack any noticeable identity. Rodgers neither helped nor harmed his case today and will remain on the managerial hot seat. Today was a solid result away from home, but I find myself wanting some resolution. I want us to fix things (preferably) or go down in flames so we can hopefully rise from the ashes.

Let’s see what the weekend brings. Up the Reds!



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