Body-for-LIFE: Week Three


The TIAWTL posts slowed down and even arrived late this past week. Come inside and see why…

Early Signs of Efficiency

In regards to the weight lifting, the plans are drawn out the night before, I put my clothing and shower stuff in my go-bag, I set my alarm and put my phone somewhere out of reach so I can’t hit the snooze button in the morning. I’ve been hitting the gym promptly at 530 am and lifting at 535 am. The beauty of this program is that it forces us to be efficient. I’m moody in the mornings and don’t like talking to people, but I can smile and nod at fellow lifters. The lifting schedule is MWF and only lasts 45 minutes. The BFL program has been easy to fit into my life.

I am at a point where I have started pushing myself with the weight lifting. I am not always completing my peak sets at the end of a muscle group because I am biting off more than I can chew. I’ll just downgrade the weight slightly and finish. I finally found the calf extender and my goodness do the end of those sets burn!

My upper body continues to lag behind the progress and power of my lower body and I wonder if I will eventually look like a centaur instead of a well balanced lifting machine. With the hamstring exercises that utilize holding free weights to do lunges or dead lifts my forearm muscles and elbow joints feel strained. It’s almost like my upper body is waiting to get stronger before I can lift heavier weights to challenge the lower body. Luckily, I can still do hamstring exercises on the machines.

Getting back to the efficiency of The Program, I am in and out of the gym before some folks are done warming up. I have no idea why people would want to extend their time at the gym when the leaves are starting to turn and it is not humid as sin outside. That’s not for me to worry about though. I am making it to work on time, that’s important.

Miles, Military, Missed Workouts & Murder By Death

This past week my grandfather of 94 years died in his home with the help of support services. I honestly didn’t know how to feel about it. I was sad he was gone, but considered him lucky enough to have, “Victory Lap” years where he broke into the 90’s, could yell at kids to get off his lawn, and get away with just about anything. Still, making the wake and the funeral required 12 hours of driving in a 24 hour time frame. My body was not pleased with me and with the travel I missed a cardio workout.

On a hillside cemetery just outside of Scranton, PA I caught the end of my grandfather’s military service. Shots were fired, a flag was folded, three fired shell placed in the palm of my teary-eyed father, and salutes were given. It was beautiful day. I thought quite a bit about my deceased grandmother who passed over a decade ago and how my grandfather was now reunited at her side.

The following evening I traveled to Buffalo to see Murder By Death with some close friends and one other person I’d never met. Still processing my grandfather’s death I decided to celebrate in the most Finchy way possible; DANCE! Yes, there was booze involved, and yes I had a designated driver, and yes I crashed at his place until the next morning, but YES I got my cardio in! Lots of calories to be burned and sweat to be purged during a 90 minute Murder By Death set. My apologies to anyone in the splash zone, but seriously…you ought to be dancing too.

Listen All Y’all This Is Sabotage!

Great, I got my cardio in but at what cost? The insidious thing about this Program is that it’s quite rigid Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, you can eat and drink whatever you want. Part of the reason they want me to do that is to experience how awful I feel when I eat and drink junk. When I felt average at best a hangover was a minor speed bump. Now that I feel great most of the time, I might as well be in the back seat while Thelma and Louise drive off the cliff.

The Murder By Death hangover lasted two days. I didn’t miss any workouts because of it, but I learned a valuable lesson. It feels good to feel good. Only three weeks in and I am avoiding foods I know will make me feel horrendous (and feeling PAIN when I don’t avoid them). Just last night my wife was eating Girl Scout Thin Mints, AND I DIDN’T HAVE ANY!

You might ask just what the hell is wrong with me, but for anyone looking for a positive change, this should be exciting for you. It has taken less than a month for me to start making better decisions on exactly what goes in my body. My brain is smart enough to know the repercussions. It’s been an interesting ride so far, I am curious to find out what comes next.


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