Coming up Ultra Fast!!!


UPDATE: Homeboy (My brother @AlpineAthlete), finished second overall in this race. He was the first Vermonter to cross the finish line. Congratulations!

I may be tempting fate, but my third ultra of the season is rolling on up full steam! The difference with my preparations for this event is that I’m fully Chillaxing; on vacation, not sneaking in any workouts, committed my programming to date.

So what the heck am I doing? Last year I was the 8th overall male in the 50k and as usual nothing went as expected. Somewhere around mid race I collided with a mountain biker and then a tree. Looking haggard, some spectators commented upon my status and offered me beer, then another, then I pretty much accepted anything the spectators tossed my way! My awesome pacer arrived with a PBR!!!

So how do we top 2014?! Well, there is to be no beer for ’15. I know Anton would not approve but…. I’m not Anton….

I’m a middle aged man with a couple kids….

 Actually, this is one of the last beers that I’ve had in preparation of a ‘no dying’ performance. (Note Jublos out of thanks for our race sponcer; I will be wearing Anton’s Buff!!)

So what does this new prep look like?


•setting my pace; I had no biz going out so fast last year and I paid

•mobility work

•dry needling my foot that has been problematic

•planning my drop bags

•eating only food that had once been other living things, no junk food

•plotting a wardrobe

•Chillaxing – I’m not Anton, I’m a middle aged man with an awesome family, hoping to take the knowledge that if I finish 1st or DFL it does not matter into a smooth running form and a great event!

I do have a three month stash of beer stored up from all this ‘training.’  


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