What’s In My Pockets? Saline Flushes!


These babies are liquid gold around my surgical floor, I usually have four or five of them tucked away in my right thigh pocket.

It is the perfect location when I need to pull one out, flip it up in the air, catch it, and bang the plunger against my hip to open up the wrapper.

Be the cult hero of your floor and always have a fist full of these saline flushes on you. We always need them. Common uses include:

  • Flushing IVs and PICCs (obviously)
  • Drawing blood procedure
  • Diluting/reconstituting medications
  • Checking the patency of capped IVs
  • Occasionally to moisten stubborn dressings
  • Irrigating wounds
  • Squirting people who take the last flush and don’t reorder them (See Nursing Rule #10)
You'll only be safe if you've found that re-stocking fairy!
You’ll only be safe if you’ve found that re-stocking fairy!

Again, liquid GOLD. Our hospital once had saline flushes go on back order. We actually had to individually draw up our own flushes from 50cc NS glass bottles into empty 10cc syringes and put a red cap on them. They do have expiration dates like red caps, but I’ve never seen one expire in the hospital setting. Still, check. Lastly, when you see the stock getting low, re-order them!


Nurse David

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