Liverpool 1* – 1 Carlisle

chaka can

I have often said, “The worse thing about playing Chelsea is actually having to watch them play.” It’s not often I say, “Sweet, I missed the Reds today” but I missed them. By the looks of it, I’m glad I did.

The Mighty* Reds advanced in the League cup beating League Two side Carlisle 1-1, advancing 3-2 on penalties.

I’m going to leave that there for a moment…


According to SkySports, LFC had an astonishing 47 shots (16 on target). A pin-point Lallana cross found Danny Ings somewhere inside the six yard box, then literally in the back of the net for the opener. I’m sure others have claimed him, but Ings is my new homeboy; tough, fiery, tenacious, leading by example.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Minutes later Carlisle pick the ball up at midfield and are given zero resistance until the runner approaches the 18 yard box. “Another Lorven tale?” How did you know!? One simple pass and shot later and Carlisle have equalized. The Skrtel / Lovren pairing should be illegal by now. Lorven almost ran away from the runner providing him ample time to pick his pass. There was cover for Lorven, apparently there was no communication.

We were even lackluster in the execution during the shootout with both Lallana and Coutinho efforts saved by the Carlisle shot stopper. Luckily James Milner, Emre “Big Bollocks” Can, and my new home piece Danny Ings found the back of the net. Adam Bogdan, between the sticks made THREE saves to deny Carlisle’s chances of advancing.

Surely on the scale of “Safe to Not Safe” this performance has to put Brendan closer to the “Not Safe” end of the spectrum. Yesterday, stories were abound about FSG denying an approach for Carlo Ancelotti, which is peculiar because there have been months of Jürgen Klopp speculation (and no denials). I normally don’t get too involved with the rumor for the sake of rumor game, but that’s some smoke right there. Where there’s smoke…

Just today I am seeing articles like this one (note the source) that Klopp is willing to end his sabatical early to take over a premier league post. I wonder who that could be. Perhaps FSG’s Ancelotti denial is as much an actual denial as it is a wink to Klopp that he’s, “in.” I said I wouldn’t get into the rumor game, but there we go.

Here’s what I do know.

These lads deserve better.
THESE lads deserve better.
THESE lads deserve better.



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