Liverpool 1 – 1 Sion


I hate throwing the phrase, “not good enough” around but really, not good enough. We could have won this match by three goals or lost by two; that’s just the way it felt. We actually looked good more than not and the more I see Jordan Rossiter the more I like him.

It’s laughable at this point, seeing Emre Can played out of position every match, this time in a back three with Kolo and Gomez. His body language screams, “enough of this sh*t” and his play is similar. When given the opportunity to make rampaging runs through the midfield he looks amazing, even if he tries to be a little too cute with his footwork at times.

Jordan Ibe, no one is asking you to be Raheem Sterling. We would like to ask you to stop cutting in central 80% of the time, killing our width and compacting the defense. We also need you to mark better when we lose possession. The lad for one reason or another has no confidence. It’s getting harder to tell whether the players just don’t want to play for Rodgers or, like Ibe, are just afraid to make mistakes. With Ibe, it looks like both at the moment.

The sad thing about our predicament is Klopp is out there, he’s making overtures, and should we make an effort to get him in we may face competition now. It’s all speculation at this point, but Klopp has already turned down the Mexican National team job. Now rumors swirl about Chelsea and Arsenal potentially being interested in Klopp.

Everything you read in the papers and online (even here) should be taken with a grain of salt. I don’t believe Arsenal would replace Wenger. I trust Abramovhich as far as I can throw him. I do believe both of those outfits would get involved just to screw us over. Mohamed Salah could have been a Red, but he chose Chelsea over us, and was promptly loaned out to AS Roma. Chelsea players on loan could be a top team in the Premier League the way they stock pile players.

Whether Rodgers needs more time or not, he’s had three plus years to figure it out. He’s lost some key players, but on the other hand, he’s not attracting any top players. With players like Benteke saying, in public, he’d like to play for Mourinho or Guardiola what more evidence do we need Rodgers has no pull bringing in big names. We met a release clause, on one outbid us, Benteke’s a Red…for now. Both he and Firmino have failed to live up to their fees. Perhaps a bit unfair with how early on it is, but shouldn’t the expectation be high for these players?

Since Chelsea are in the bottom half of the table, does that qualify them as, “not a top club?” I can see Mourinho quitting after a series of hissy fits and Klopp marching them back to title contention. It’s just the way we roll these days.

We looked sharp early, then failed to capitalize on the quick start.
We looked sharp early, then failed to capitalize on the quick start.

We want to dream again.



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