Everton 1 – 1 Liverpool: Rodgers’ Last Ride


He was right, you know? I remember reading something this past week where Brendan Rodgers effectively said, “My reputation will remain intact even if I’m sacked.” And sacked he was, just an hour after the match at Goodison Park.

For me his reputation has stayed intact. In a couple of years I’m not going to remember the stubbornness, the awful transfer windows, or the mediocrity that ended his time as Liverpool Manager. I am going to remember the season of 13/14.

Words can’t do it justice. I am not saying Brendan was the sole reason for that season’s breath taking football, but he was driving the bus. We unfortunately fell short of the title with two heart breaking results against Chelsea and Crystal Palace at the end of the season. The Chelsea loss at home was the first time LFC had lost in almost four months.

Suarez scoring AND assisting from everywhere. Sturridge also scoring from everywhere. Stevie screaming encouragement in a huddle after beating City days before the Hillsborough anniversary. JUSTICE FOR THE 96! Skrtel outscoring Fernando Torres. Flanno’s half volley against Spurs. Migs’ double-save on a Walters penalty. The passing. The opponent thrashings. The heart attack inducing results. Sterling out muscling defenders twice his size. Coutinho knifing in passes with surgical focus. Henderson covering the entire earth. It didn’t matter who played on defense we were going to outscore you, if not play you off the pitch.

It was a magical season. It will be my enduring memory of Brendan Rodgers. I’m not happy he was sacked. I would have preferred he succeeded and won us the league. But he was simply dealt a task he could not overcome and perhaps he was defiant in spite of the hand he was dealt. He wasn’t dealt a Moyes-hand, but that was another reason 13/14 was so entertaining. Rodgers reminded us what it was to dream that season, and for that, I will always have a soft spot for him.

Liverpool FC – Top 25 Goals – 2013 / 2014

What a ride…



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