Body-for-LIFE: Week Five


Life has been incredibly busy of late and it is requiring me to workout at odd times. I need to get back to my regular morning schedule…a trip to Toronto will complicate things.

Some quick updates and observations:

  • I’m sorry, I lied when I said I didn’t care about how I looked. My upper body and lower body are on a collision course of biblical proportions, and my beer belly will act as the battle ground for this reckoning. I want Brad Pitt, circa Fight Club, abs.
  • I knew the cold would happen eventually in Upstate New York. I did not anticipate how losing some of my fat-pack would make me quiver at the first chill of Autumn. My wife, Tron, and I debated over turning on the heat as I decked myself out in fuzzy socks, jeans, shirts, over shirts and hoodie. I contemplated buying long johns.
  • I am injury free through five weeks of the program as I approach the midway point. I will be brutally honest and tell you I haven’t been pushing things to the limit due to my history of injuries and this being my first solid attempt at a ‘program.’ It’s likely that when the first 12 weeks are through, I’ll be looking to add another 12 weeks. This was a life style change after all, a ‘Body-for-LIFE.’



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2 thoughts on “Body-for-LIFE: Week Five

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