No Excuses Left


Jürgen F*cking Klopp.

My fellow Reds, we’ve been given one hell of a boost. Not only is Klopp the perfect fit for the club (passionate, lives the game, understands the supporters, tactically adept), he’s relevant.

 What I mean by that is that his body of work with German outfit Borussia Dortmund has elevated him to an elite status in the coaching world. The project he took over for BVB is an almost exact mirror image of Liverpool FC’s current one.

Liverpool FC at last have a manager that will be a draw for potential transfer targets. Brendan Rodgers had zero pull. Roy Hodgson, somehow less than zero. King Kenny was our legend, our steward, but not a draw to top class 20-something talent. With Klopp, we finally have some street cred again. Klopp’s former players hold him in high regard and you’d be hard pressed to find a negative word said about the man by one of them. Hopefully, he’ll have the same effect Rafa Benitez had, but this time recruiting top German talent.

There’s talent on this Liverpool squad, not world class talent, but the bones are there. I won’t be surprised to see an immediate change and attitude and effort from our players. Success will not happen overnight however. I would like to see us spend big on two, maybe three top caliber players in each transfer window to keep continuity. Perhaps one low risk transfer would be a welcome sight opposed to the shotgun approach on low talent over-priced acquisitions we’ve made in the past several windows.

To  make all this possible, success will have to start with the squad we have now. There’s an absolute smash and grab opportunity with Chelsea sucking for the sake of sucking of late. There are no excuses left for Liverpool FC now. We have our man, our perfect match. No one (rationally) will expect us to challenge for the title in the next year or two, but top four must remain our goal to unlock all the treasures made available with Champions League qualification. Whether we’ll make it there this season remains to be seen. I’ll be happen just to hear my fellow Reds singing again. Klopp will provide that excitement.

Enjoy the ride. Up the Reds!



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