Movember Calling


I am incredibly grateful to anyone who frequents and shares There Is Another Way To Live. It serves as a lovely platform to spread positivity and health education to my Frengers (friends and strangers). I am gearing up for my fourth year of participation in Movember, starting November 1st. Movember is a month long event where men grow mustaches, talk about men’s health issues and raise money for research.

Over the next several weeks I will be sharing my Movember journey and raising money for men’s health research: Prostate & Testicular Cancers, Mental Health and Inactivity. My ultimate goal is to spread information to be shared with all the men in our lives to raise awareness of these health issues. Fundraising is secondary, but if you have a dollar to throw in, I am aiming to raise $400 this year.

Ladies are absolutely welcome to participate, although I won’t want you taking hormones to grow a mustache, spreading awareness to the men in your lives is enough. Men, I know October is breast cancer awareness month, so pace yourselves, I need you in November. Men and women, if you want to start up an awareness spreading-fund raising team, please let me know, that would kick ass.

More info to follow in the upcoming weeks.

Love and mustaches,


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