Everything Counts In Large Amounts

Transparency. I like it, and you should too. Let me spin you a yarn about how I became involved with the Movember Foundation and where the money goes when people donate.

This tale starts with two extra tickets to see M83 in the fall of 2011. My best friend @financialfarley always buys four tickets to every concert he attends. We planned a trip up to Toronto to see M83 at Lee’s Palace (The club featured in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World). Unfortunately, we didn’t have any takers for the extra tickets.

If you haven’t, see M83 live, so GOOD!
Movember 2012

Farley posted the tickets (for free) on Twitter. That’s how we met Keith and his bitchin’ mustache. “I don’t always have this ridiculous mustache, but I’m raising money for Movember” the self-deprecation oozing from his voice. Keith told me about how the Movember Foundation raises money for men’s health issues via the power of the mustache; and I was sold. However, it was mid-late November and I had missed out that year, but I planned on coming back with a vengeance in 2012.

Before getting fully invested in this holiday/event/fundraiser, I wanted to know how the money raised was allocated. Without transparency, I wouldn’t get involved and/or donate. Luckily the Movember Foundation provides yearly documentation of their audits. For the more visual reader he’s a lovely little pie chart from their financial page.

Allocation of funds from Movember 2014 in the US saw 80% of funds raised going to men’s health programs.

The Movember Foundation is awesome about keeping an update list of the work they fund. Last year, 80 cents on the dollar of donations collected in the United States (83 cents on the dollar globally) went to fund research and projects for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men’s mental health and physical inactivity.

“What happens with my money?” is the most common and appropriate question I am asked when someone wants to feel comfortable donating their hard earned money. That is, after we get done talking about my bitchin’ mustache.

In upcoming posts I’ll discuss the why for raising awareness on men’s health issues. My primary goal is awareness. Please share these Movember posts with your loved ones and tell me how it goes. If you want to throw a dollar at my cause I will personally thank you.


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