Body-for-LIFE: Week Eight


This past week I got in touch with my PT, Jacqui, and took a break from two cardio sessions to rest my left knee. I also attempted to slack off on lifting, and failed.

My entire family has been sick. I have been putting off writing about it because as soon as I do, I’ll get sick (d’oh!). It hasn’t happened yet though. I continue to eat well, except on Sundays. The kids sleep like rocks when they are sick which allows me to rest. And  for some reason, I find it hysterically funny to keep my wife up singing George Michael classics.

This time of year, right after my flu shot, I am normally sick with a sinus cold for two weeks. I don’t feel 100%, but I also haven’t felt ill. I am unsure if I can attribute that to the Program, but if I manage to enjoy all of autumn without getting a cold, I am all for it.

imageI skipped a couple of cardio workouts to rehab my knee a little more. I have been doing more stretching with my RunMD foam roller. It’s got three different textures for finger tips, fingers and palm deep massaging. I’ve also been icing down the knee frequently. My knee feels better, but the same. It feels like one outdoor run will put me right back where I started. I’m still clinically bummed about that.

Since I’ve been fighting off a legitimate cold, I attempted to slack off on lifting this week. I actually look forward to lifting now and have been doing more fine tuning of late as opposed to shattering my personal best each week. I’ve stopped with the super ambitious lifting goals (that almost always require me to admit defeat and lift something lighter) in favor or more measured and realistic goals.

The result of the re-calibration resulted in some top quality workouts, beads of sweat on my brow, heavy breathing, and a fair bit of forceful exhalation to get those weights up. The way the workouts are formatted with reps declining as weight increases, finishing each muscle group with max reps and almost max weight, is great. I’ve been referring to it as, “muscle priming.” I aim to finish each muscle group with a weight/exercise combo where I couldn’t possibly do one more rep. It’s a great feeling.

With one month left I have started getting serious about the beer belly. My beer consumption has decreased approximately 80% since I started the Program. I can feel my abs underneath the flab, but I want to SEE THEM! In all honesty, I don’t think it’s going to happen within the 12 weeks, but I plan to make it a focus. It may be a little TMI for the casual reader, but I want to feel like I have sexy abs. A little positive gain makes me just want to keep going. It is part of why I feel so frustrated with my knee. It’s getting in the way of potential awesomeness!


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