Liverpool 1 – 0 Bournemouth (League Cup)

The audacity!

Congratulations Kloppo on your first LFC victory!

Since no major TV outlet in the States values the League Cup, I was relegated to following along online. My text based takeaways:

  • Teixeira dreadfully unlucky not to have that audacious back heel at the edge of the six-yard box go in
  • Clyne, the right man for the job, leaving no doubt hitting the back of the net after a weak goal line clearance
  • Bogdan was quite impressive, it will be interesting to see how short a leash Mignolet has, my guess is a decent one. Klopp won’t want to appear to flip flop between keepers.
  • Is this the last we see of Kolo after picking up a knock? We’re paper thin as is…
  • Firmino was all over the place, in a good way. About time he got a full 90 minutes to stretch his legs. Hopefully his back injury is a healed and a non-issue moving forward.
  • Four matches in charge, no loses, some clean sheets, improved player performance and effort, well done Kloppo. Sorry you had to wait this long, but hopefully this win will be the first of many!
Looking like a proud poppa that Klopp, nay impossible not to love this guy.
Looking like a proud poppa, that Klopp. Impossible not to love this guy.



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