Chelsea 1 – 3 Liverpool


What a stage to come out of a slump!

You have to love Chelsea fans. Up after four minutes through a Ramires header, one dodgy bloke looks at another dodgy bloke in the blue sections, “Shall we regale those Liverpool supporters with a song of the great Ramires? No no, let’s sing a song about Steven Gerrard. Righto!”

Then Chelsea did what they always do against Liverpool, sit back and absorb pressure and see out a one-nil victory, unless we get caught a little too far up the pitch and they nick another on the counter. Unfortunately for them, Klopp’s the new man in charge and when he wasn’t screaming at the fourth official, he was telling a member of the Chelsea coaching staff to, “take a timeout” when he attempted to stand up and mouth off to Klopp. The dude is a legend and he’s not even trying.

Be that as it may, when I saw the first goal go in against us I thought of how we rarely come from behind. I thought that we’ve only once scored more than a single goal this year. But, anytime there was a stray ball, it seemed to go directly to another red who used it to apply more offensive pressure, possession largely in our favor.

The first goal by Little Phil was just sublime, leaving Ramires for dead with a shot fake and launching a curler into the far corner before an outstretched Terry could intervene; his face stupidly contorted. The second Coutinho goal, leaving Terry in no mans land with another fake, then ricocheting it off the Englishman out of the reach of Begovic. Then it hit me, Chelsea had no answers, they were just taking a beating.


The best part of it all, the Reds were still marching. If we were going to draw this match it was because Chelsea actually created something. Sadly for them and their fans ushering themselves towards the car park, we were still looking for more. Then Benteke struck for the fourth time this season. Amazing what a healthy striker can accomplish.

Three points well deserved. Mourinho, petulant as ever after the match. He’s fun to hate, and good for the league. Much like when Ronaldo left Man U for Madrid, it was the league’s loss, and it would be the same for Mourinho. Here’s to hoping he stays and we get more adorable pouts out of him.

Chelsea fans will be quick to downplay this loss, but it’s a massive one for them. It’s the worse start EVER for a reigning champion. At least they are still achieving things.



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