Body-for-LIFE: Weak Mulligan


Remember how I made all that noise about dodging illness last week? Yeah…

If somewhere deep down inside I have Dark Traveler, he’s got a twin brother named the Snot Traveler. Every damn autumn, when my lust for life is at its peak. When I no longer sweat standing still and tar stops melting in the street (I’ll never understand how Rochester, NY can be so cold in the winter and so blazing hot in the summer.) When I have ruled out the dreaded Flu shot for all my problems…I get a sinus cold that lasts exactly seven to 14 days.

For seven to 14 days, I become a mouth-breathing space cadet as I struggle to adequately provide my brain with the oxygen it requires. As my toddler watches Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, I’m reminded that, “rest is best, rest is BEST!” Yes, yes it is, that Tiger family has a good thing going on.

Rest, hydration, nutrition, and a good deal of Benadryl have carried me along. Fortunately for my fellow gym goers, I’ve stayed away from the weight room, the cardio machines, and the sauna. By the way, did I tell you I found pepperoni in the sauna the other day? Perhaps that’s what did me in. This was my mulligan week. Weak, I know. But, tomorrow I pick up exactly where I left off. Four weeks to go!

I seem to be coming out of the fog and feeling much better. I am excited about Movember. I actually miss going to the gym. That sauna filled with sweaty meats…let’s just say I’m going to require assurance that thing was shut down and properly cleansed before I set bare foot in there again.


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2 thoughts on “Body-for-LIFE: Weak Mulligan

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