Movember 2nd: Breaking Down Walls

Sales. Most people will tell you, “I could  never work in sales.” What they don’t realize is that basically, life is all about sales and the barriers associated with making the sale. Stick with me here, this will eventually turn into a moustache related post!

So, you never want to work in sales? Have you ever tried to convince someone to go on a date with you? Hire you? Negotiate a better deal on a sofa? Nurses, have you ever tried to convince a non-compliant diabetic to start getting serious about their disease?

Growing out a sweet moustache for Movember? Each year I contend with several barriers to selling the message of Movember to the masses. It’s a foundation that started in Australia back in 2003 to raise awareness for men’s health issues, but has only really taken off with pop culture in North America over the past five years. It’s coincided with the bearded movement, leading many people to confuse it for No Shave November.

The Beard Baron on Movember vs. No Shave November 

Last week I read a cute article on Yahoo! News titled An A to Z Guide to Movember. It was not the greatest article in the world, but I felt it got the fun and importance of Movember across; then I looked at the comments…

A brief overview of the hang-ups and barriers people expressed:

  • The article was made to sell shaving products
  • There are too many “movements”
  • How the hell is growing a hair patch on your lip going to raise money or awareness for men’s cancer?
  • Another stupid “awareness” thing like all the damn colored ribbons people used to wear.
  • Just another example of the war on women. Sexist and I’m sure somehow racist, something made up by rich white men. Disgusting.
  • Could this article BE any dumber?
  • This writer is a loser and I am pretty sure just decided to make things up. Its no shave november with beards. Whoever told you it was anything else lied to you
  • Am I the only one who finds this incredibly stupid?
  • The pharmaceutical companies are trying to kill us
  • I have a full magnificent beard 12 months out of the year…My face is a billboard for manliness. The mustache solo is the gay cousin to the beard.

These were the highly rated responses by the way. They were Yahoo! comments, take it for what it’s worth. However, it does highlight the barriers people have and I don’t believe it is specific to Movember. More importantly, and sadly, it’s the target audience of Movember; men who want nothing to do with yearly physicals, knowing medical history of family members, cynics, and dismissive know it alls. These people simultaneously break down anything they don’t understand and build up defensive fortifications to keep reason and knowledge out. It’s a tough crowd.

All of these barriers are the reason Movember is so important. When dealing with medical problems, early detection is critical. The only way to do that is to take active participation in one’s personal health and gain knowledge to help make the right choices about health care. Many men believe manliness is to suffer in silence if they have a medical issue (and maybe hope it goes away). For some men it’s not manly to talk about emotional issues like depression. For others it’s difficult to find the time to exercise.

Allow me to inform these men, the manliest thing one can do is lead a good healthy life and actually be there to support the people around them. It’s important to have these conversations, I know it’s not easy. I’m a nurse and the conversations still aren’t easy with my dad. That’s why Movember exists, so share these posts with the men in your lives. And please, ask questions.

-Nurse David

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4 thoughts on “Movember 2nd: Breaking Down Walls

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  3. Ok I didn’t know there was a difference, but I’m reading from most recent back. I will not be shaving, I’ll just grow as usual. I am a bit shorter than I’d like to be due to a trim for work, which is as c,one to shaving as I will get. Not far into the future I can start letting it grow back down onto the chest.

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