Movember 3rd: HARRY’S X MOVEMBER


I plan to shave one month out of the year and this free Movember Harry’s razor is what I will demo.

imageUPDATE (11/5/15): Unsure of whether I used my new Harry’s razor or a cheese grater to shave the other day, I snapped a picture and sent it off to see if I was, “Doin’ it wrong.” The folks at Harry’s assured me this only happens with a select few people and it gets better with repeat use. They recommended I try four or five more shaves to get a better feel for the razor! I’m not sure I’m that brave. I now have some back up disposables to carry me through the month, which cannot end fast enough for my poor face.

******************************************************************************My previous razor (one cartridge) lasted the whole year, that’s how little I’ve been shaving. If Harry’s can provide inexpensive/effective blades, I’ll purchase them. And use approximately one cartridge a year. I am not a fan of shaving. I hope I am pleasantly surprised with the Harry’s razor.

Up next, we’ll look at some key areas in men’s health for us to take control of our health and know what to do should a challenge or illness arise.

-Nurse David

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4 thoughts on “Movember 3rd: HARRY’S X MOVEMBER

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  3. The thing I don’t get is, why five blades? There’s almost no room for the cut hair to get out of the way of the next hair in line, so there’s lots of scraping.

    I picked up some Mach 3 Sensitive disposable blades with several coupons, practically free. It’s like night and day, I don’t even need shaving cream with those.

    Those six blades will last me a decade at least, I’m thinking.


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