Movember 7th: Progress Report


We might need to photoshop a little more moustache on there!

Week one in the books with $74 raised towards my goal of $400. The response has been tepid and most people want to clarify the difference between Movember and No Shave November. Most people are confused I am not growing a beard. It’s a conversation starter.

The moustache will endure and in the next week or two if I decide on an idea for the mo’ I’ll have more to work with. Any and all ideas are welcome. I appreciate our TIAWTL visitors and encourage questions, sharing, and any experiences talking health with loved ones. If you are able to donate, that’s certainly a nice bonus. Our link is below.

Up next week, discussion on the prostate. What is it? Why do men have one? And what happens when we see a diagnosis of prostate cancer?

-Nurse David

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6 thoughts on “Movember 7th: Progress Report

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  2. Wow. I traveled and didn’t keep up with my blogs, I didn’t know that the beard was gone. No big deal but a shock. I’ve had a beard for so many years that this Movember thingy stared long after my beard was a fixed part of me. Sonia have to admit I do not know much about No Shave November.

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  3. My sources ( are telling me NSN is a charity too. This is the first year I have heard of it as such.

    One thing I don’t like (I do like the cause) is that too many people use it as an excuse to forego shaving and not for donating.

    I also enjoy Movember, because as you pointed out, it’s a sacrifice to shave off a beard. It will be back my friend. I can’t survive the winters without it!


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