Movember 9th: The Prostate Gland

Some urethra are longer than others…

The prostate is a small (2 x 4 x 3 cm) fibrous gland that surrounds the urethra (which we urinate from) and discharges a thin milky secretion that constitutes approximately 30% of semen.

The prostate sits just below the bladder and close to the rectal wall. It’s an accessory gland that functions as part of the male reproductive system and consists of connective tissues and smooth muscle. The ejaculatory duct, which sperm from the testes travel via the vas deferens, runs through the prostate also.

The prostate gland has two growth phases. The first phase sees the gland grow to about 20 grams by age 20. It will remain at that weight and size until approximately age 45 where it will begin to slowly grow again. We’ll talk next on why this second growth phase is problematic.

-Nurse David

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2 thoughts on “Movember 9th: The Prostate Gland

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