Movember 10th / Body-for-LIFE: Week Nine


Back in the saddle after being congested for a solid week. This past week, I dealt with post-illness fatigue and soreness on a whole new level after breaking my personal best on the leg press (280 lbs). Then, there was this…

It happened unexpectedly this past week; fun. Raw, who gives a damn if anyone’s looking, fun. It happened all of a sudden while I was churning away on the elliptical during peak intensity/heavy resistance. This song game on:

Foals – My Number

Immediately I was six years old again, bombing down the slopes at Shawnee Mountain in the Poconos, screaming Bon Jovi hits, completely oblivious that anyone on the chair lifts could hear me. Fun. It was such a pleasant memory. It was also a brilliant reminder how lame and subdued we get as we age, and how badly want to turn that around.

If you’ve ever had the experience of attending a concert or festival with me, you’ve seen this inner child before. Sure beer can take up a notch, but in the past I’ve almost used it as an excuse. “He’s really only that crazy because he’s got alcohol coursing through his veins.”

No, no…in my bizarre way of thinking, society doesn’t want me to live my life out loud. Beer has nothing to do with it. In the past I’ve just enjoyed it. Now it feels more like an optional accessory. I want to have as much fun as time and energy will allow, and I’m finding that BFL is enhancing that feeling.

I see so many serious people these days. So many people, in my impression, that are looking for something to be offended about so they have an excuse for being a sour puss. I want to dance with this people. I want them to take the lid off of their inhibition and enjoy life. In my impression, I want them to stop bringing me down. Emotions are transferable!

This doesn’t mean BFL has taken away my low times, the times when I wish no one could see me and I escape back to bed. But those times are getting fewer. I’ve always been a sensitive lad. Not sensitive, easily offended, but sensitive in that I pick up on subtlety happening around me. Depression is not subtle to me. Neither is fun.

“When I feel low, when I feel low, I feel it!” – Foals

Another Foals song you should know about:

Let’s have more fun,

-Nurse David

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