Movember 12th: The Upper Moustache Line

The Beard Baron is back with a new video featuring a couple of moustache trimming techniques. Keep in mind, these tips are more geared towards folks going for that epic ‘stache look, but you’ll be able to utilize the first tip towards the end of Movember. You might even be able to utilize it now!

One of the things that drove me insane when I started growing out my moustache and beard was the line on the upper edge of my moustache. As we can tell, hair on different parts of our bodies have different textures, softness, curls, and so on. The upper edge of our moustache can have a different type of hair than the body of  moustache.

Once my moustache got some significant growth (2-3 months), I noticed the hairs on the upper edge were not playing ball. I either had to put an ungodly amount of wax to keep them in line or put up with the weird straggly and unkempt look. Some of the hairs were a good 1/4 inch away from the rest of my ‘stache! The solution? Tweezers. We don’t want to go overboard, but we can straighten up that line and make our moustaches look neat and tight.

Check out the short video below that also addresses those pesky areas at the corners of our mouth.

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3 thoughts on “Movember 12th: The Upper Moustache Line

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