Movember 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th

Movember breaks the half way barrier, Paris, and Politics

This is not a political site. However, since it is Movember and mental health is something we talk about, we’re going to talk about the effect political nonsense and terrorism has on mental health, specifically, mine.

This post is rated PG 13 for moderate language.


What. The. Fuck.

As a former music promoter who worked the debut record from the Eagles of Death Metal (Peace Love Death Metal), I sat at my computer after a grueling day at the hospital in complete shock. Before the news got truly dire, friends on Facebook joked how lead singer Jesse “The Devil” Hughes would defuse the situation like Bruce Willis in Die Hard. That hope, quickly faded…

You know the rest of the story; Terrorists, multiple soft targets, ISIS, the death toll…

Luckily for me I had to work the next day, 12 hours, and 12 more hours on Sunday. I was angry, pissed off, hurt, depressed. I went into full blown safety-mode, only able to pull myself to do the basic essentials; work, feed myself, make sure the family was alright while I processed the carnage.

Specific signs of depression:

  • Lack of interest in something I normally take joy in (this website)
  • Increased desire to sleep the day away
  • Agitated, short tempered
  • Loss of appetite (thankful for easy protein shakes)
  • Solemness

As a nurse especially, and probably more important as a human being, it’s important to know these signs. When our friends or family member’s mood changes, and it’s often abrupt, notice it. Offer to talk, that’s plenty, although a big hug and a smile goes a long way too. We don’t have to understand, although sometimes it’s pretty obvious what the catalyst was in the case of the Paris attacks.

Effective coping techniques (how to rebound):

  • Know depression is a possibility and mentally prepare
  • Take prescribed meds, it’s easy to forget (labeled pill cases are great)
  • Have a go-to friend, someone we can talk about anything with
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol (this is ineffective coping)
  • Get outside, walk, lift weights, run, anything active
  • Eat something healthy, a half gallon of ice cream will not do
  • In times of depression, pets rule



Possibly the most depressing thing about the situation is the US Government, not ISIS. Sure they are crazy radicalized assholes (ISIS), but what the hell do we expect?! We’ve been over in the middle east for DECADES, bombing, attempting to install democracy, *cough* protecting our oil interests *cough*.

If we cannot see we are being led astray by our elected officials in the most irresponsible way possible, we’re doomed. When it comes to protecting political interests (the oil lobby, the war machine manufacturers, etc) instead of making the correct decision for our citizens, they choose political interests every damn time.

Let me make it real simple and hit some high notes:

  1. If we really give a damn about the planet and think global warming, climate change, or whatever the hell we’re calling it these days is a real problem START INVESTING IN CLEAN RENEWABLE RESOURCES AND TECHNOLOGY. Use the fossil fuels we have now during the transition, but how has this common sense idea continually eluded them?
  2. We can’t take care of our own citizens, so why on earth would any of these Middle Eastern countries take our advice on democracy?
  3. These countries have more money than they know what do with. Why do they need our money (hint: oil lobbyists) and more importantly why do they need our men and women? ISIS is in their back yard (sadly ours too), they need to be held accountable. Use the money we’re spending over there for national security (not offense) and investing in renewable resources of energy.
  4. This is not a problem with Islam. Take all the Facebook propaganda away for a moment and think. The challenge people have is it is our nature to label things in hope we understand them, we want to put a name to the problem. It’s not Islam. Killing in the name of God is nothing new. Wars have been around as long as people. The problem this time is we are fighting an idea; not a country, not an alliance of countries, not a solitary figurehead. Most of us enjoy living. These people don’t care if they die. We can’t reason with that. There is no diplomatic solution. We need to stop pretending there is one.


Let’s fully rebound with some good news

12227099_10153685466935169_7414048368422941654_nI’ve absolutely crushed my fund raising goal of $400 and currently sit at $610 funds raised. The team has raised $6,418 and we’re ranked #101 in the States. The mo’ is coming in a little better and I am looking forward to closing out the month with more posts on men’s health and it would personally be an honor to break the $1000 fund raising mark.

I want to thank all the people who have supported Movember via donating, sharing, and reading the info I’ve been churning out.

Let’s have some more fun!

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