Movember 20th: Solstice


Earlier this week the Beard Baron teased a new Private Stock. Yesterday, beard enthusiasts got details of the new Solstice scent on sale this Movember 30th.

Just what is Solstice? It’s a blend of peppermint and vanilla which will be sold in Private Stock limited numbers of premium beard oil, premium beard balm, and moustache wax (no current word on if it will be released as a scented beard wash).

What makes the Private Stock releases so special is they are one time releases; once they are gone, they’re gone. Imperial (a blend of amber, cherry, and unlit tobacco) went on sale last month and sold out within a week. I ended up buying the oil, balm, and beard wash. It’s ridiculously good, reminding me of my uncle’s old furniture shop, hence why I won’t shut up about Beard Baron products.

The limited run of Solstice is slated to release 5,000 bottles of premium beard oil, 3,000 tins of premium beard balm, and 2,500 tubes of moustache wax. It’s a significantly larger run than Imperial, so if you shop within the first couple days of release you shouldn’t have much trouble obtaining the perfect scent for the winter months.

One of my favorite features of the Private Stock releases, there’s no mark up. It sells for the same price as the classic Beard Baron products.

On sale Movember 30th at

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