Southampton 1 – 6 Liverpool (League Cup)


My goodness. I pity the team that gets a full 90 minutes of full throttle LFC. The first 20 odd minutes were an exercise in trying not to swear in front of the kids, the remaining time, pure bliss.

You know who I’m happy for? Lucas. He wore the captains armband today and continued his steady presence in our holding midfield. We can pick apart his game if we’d like, but the man is a professional and everyone loves a story about a second chance (or third, or forth…we are talking about Lucas here, he’s been through a lot).

For me it easy to understand why we started off so poorly, with six changes to the team that faced the Swans last weekend. But it was hard to understand if we were simply thrashing Southampton after 25 minutes, or if they had simply given up.

Anytime you score on your first six shots on target, the opponent is going to have a rough day. But Southampton were bossing the action for the first 20+ minutes and we were lucky to be down by only one when The Studge decided to take the game over. From that point on, Southampton offered nothing that could be confused as a recognizable threat going forward. Their keeper, simply didn’t stand a chance against any of the six goal bound strikes.

I am also happy for Divock Origi, but I can’t help but feel he can do so much better. His movement and (obviously) finishing were his best in a Liverpool kit today. Hopefully this will knock off whatever training wheels have been shackling him and allow him to play with freedom and confidence. I’m a sucker for forwards. I even supported Voronin long after it was fashionable. Don’t make me look like an ass Divock, I have high hopes for us!

Lastly, I am happy for our traveling support. What few remaining Southampton supporters could muster in song were simply drown out by our marvelous traveling Reds. I heard all the jams tonight; Anfield Road, We Are Liverpool, We Love You Liverpool, We’ve Won it Five Times, YNWA, etc.

One could write all night about this match, but it’s just one match. One comprehensive dismantling of a full-strength top table side. The last I checked, the League Cup is still silver, so let’s lift it!



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