Newcastle 2 – 0 Liverpool


That was horrendous.

Everyone had a bad day today for LFC. The coach did not prepare the team. The team did not perform. The supporters suffered through 90+ minutes of terrible football. Top to bottom, a shambolic display away at St. Mary’s today.

I’ll tip my hat to the Magpies and their supporters. Liverpool were flat, couldn’t pass, couldn’t defend, couldn’t attack, were horrendous in midfield and couldn’t muster the desire to beat Newcastle today. The Magpies first goal was lucky, deflecting off of Skrtel’s sliding block and into the net. Their second, a masterful counter attack and finish over a stranded Mignolet.

The Newcastle supporters deserve some cheer after what they’ve experienced so far this season. So much of Klopp’s revolution has been predicated on taking advantage of teams either wounded or resting on their laurels. Today the script was flipped on us as we dropped points in what should have been considered a must win to keep momentum going towards the top four.

I normally don’t get in the habit of slagging off certain players, but there’s one thing that should be pointed out every time it happens; complacency. For the life of me, what were Benteke and Firmino doing today. They might as well have been frolicking around the pitch with butterfly nets, completely unaware of the other 20 players involved in a football match. Not ONCE did they offer a run behind the defense for Ibe to pick them out with a pass.

If Benteke is on the pitch he needs to be finishing chances from inside the six yard box and Firmino needs not be a passenger having zero impact on the game. Hopefully Klopp recognizes what we all saw today and has a word. Other players were sloppy and wasteful today but it wasn’t for lack of effort.

Up until now, players have fought for spots on the roster as we play through the League, Europe, and the League Cup (eventually the FA Cup as well). Only the defenders seem to have automatic places due to injuries and lack of options. Moreno, even though his goal should have stood (but was incorrectly called offside) had a poor outing overall.

Perhaps we were due for a loss or victims of fatigue, but I don’t think that’s the case. As we showed in the League Cup earlier in the week, we have the depth to compete each game even with the injuries, amount of fixtures, and player rotation. We lacked edge, composure, and end product. The resulting loss was fitting.





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