Liverpool 2 – 2 West Brom

13th Dec, 2015

Welcome back Hendo!

This was not a fun match to follow. At work, a lovely octogenarian put the match on for me. For reasons I cannot divulge I was in her room frequently (legitimately) and she caught me up as best she could, knowing next to nothing about the sport.

The only moment that stuck with me was Coutinho missing that chance from about 12 yards out in the first half. I kept thinking, “that should have been netted.”

That’s actually a lie, I also remember thinking, “Tony F*cking Pulis.” A man you only ever hire to keep a team out of the Championship and rake in TV money. It’s embarrassing really. Pulis coached teams and others of their ilk still play Liverpool like Suarez, Sterling, Sturridge, and company are beating down their door.

Many, including myself, will see this match as dropped points; and it is. But, if Coutinho scores that changes if and Migs doesn’t flail at another cross he can’t get to, I think we win comfortably. Set pieces will need working and thankfully Sakho is close to returning with an injury to a vastly improving Lovren.

Are we starting to see the effect of confidence on Divo’?

Lastly, the salute to the Kop. I am not a famous blogger and probably for the reason I am about to talk about next. The sensational click-bait headlines these “reporters” and “journalist” write that Klopp was “celebrating” a home draw against an inferior opponent…

Get a f*cking grip you hysterical fannies. The gesture was nothing more than a signal transmitted and message received. Klopp, in the nicest way possible, called out Liverpool supporters leaving matches early saying basically, “we have to give them a reason to stay.”

Prior to this match, Klopp had requested a special atmosphere from the supporters and he received one. Down 1-2 going into injury time, the supporters roared on and were rewarded. It’s a symbiotic relationship really. Ideally, the team performs and the supporters go wild, prompting the players to play harder, which the supporters love.

Sometimes however, the players are the ones that need a pick me up, and the cycle continues, it just gets kickstarted by the supporters. The gesture of saluting the Kop was simply respect and gratitude. Anyone who tries to tell you the coach and players were living up a classic come from behind draw, are in fact, deluded beyond redemption.

As One.



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