Liverpool 3 – 3 Arsenal

get in firm
Who are you?! And what did you do with Firmino?!

Firmino, more of that please…

Where to begin? What a compelling game. I’ve been moaning to my LFC friends for ages about how wasteful we are in front of goal and how we rarely even hit the target. “Just crush the f!@#er on goal and see what happens!”

Over the past week I read somewhere that out of Coutinho’s last 17 shots, only two were on target (I believe one was a goal). We were still wasteful in places tonight, but Can heard my moaning all the way across the pond and crushed a shot goal bound that Cech was forced to parry into the waiting stride of Firmino, who with two touches put the ball through a defender’s legs leaving Cech no chance to put the Reds up 1-0.

The lead didn’t last though as Ramsey quickly equalized beating Migs at his near post. Could he have done better? It was a close, hard, and perfectly placed shot. It seemed such a lapse for Liverpool as we really were commanding two thirds of the pitch. Our defensive third is currently a war zone. Or to put it in Kenny Loggins terms, a DANGER ZONE! Arsenal’s first goal really came out of no where.

As I was still coming to terms with Firming’s bright movement and superb positioning to tuck in a rebound he again managed to amaze, arching a shot from 20+ yards out with his right boot leaving Cech helplessly reaching in vain to get a hand to it. Seriously, who are you? And where is the real Firmino? Whatever the case is, this simply must continue.

Unfortunately the horrendous defending at the back was what continued. A corner kick against us might as well be a penalty the way we defend. Migs beaten again at the near post (with no defender covering). In reality, Giroud got the deftest of touches to put the ball between Migs legs. However, either put a guy on the post or come and claim the ball. Neither happened and we were level again at 2-2.

I’ll never understand all the stick Giroud gets. He always seems to be a pain in our arse and the guy scores goals. He might not be the type of striker I would prefer, but he’s effective. His effectiveness is what put the Gunners up 2-3 midway through the second half. Receiving the ball off a deflected pass inside the box, back to the goal, the Frenchman made the smoothest of turns and buried his left footed shot. Mignolet had no chance.

At this point in the match it almost looked like a bridge too far, with Ibe’s one dimensional play down the right hand side, always choosing to take on the defender (never succeeding). He is young, but he’s got to attempt to put a cross in, especially when Benteke is added to the fray. Pass it inside, cut inside for a shot, cross the ball, take on the  man to the byline; those are the choices, mix them up.

If you don’t love Joe Allen’s beard, we’re probably not friends.

You know lady luck is on your side when Joe “Pirlo” Allen comes to the rescue in the 90th minute. The Welshman one timing a drop down header from Benteke that Cech was unfortunate not to get a stronger hand to leaving the Gunners with only a point to show from an enthralling match at Anfield.

Liverpool now sit five points off of the top four and face the Red Sh*te this weekend.

Up the Reds!




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