Liverpool 0 – 0 West Ham

replay damn it

Mmmm Ham…seconds? Why yes!

I know our players legs must be on fire, but can more LFC be a bad thing?

There aren’t too many things to point out in this match, but this season Benteke has had three clear 1-on-1’s with goalies and today a half open net to shoot at with zero goals to his name. Unreal.

Jordan Ibe has done nothing for me to warrant his inclusion in the side other than as rotation player to keep someone better fresh. The lad is just, “brain dead” as one of my Scouse friends calls him. He has the physical attributes, but still has a long way to go in terms of decision making, crossing, and end product.

Overall I felt the youngsters looked fantastic today. I just adore seeing Cameron Brannigan run around the pitch as to me he has a passing resemblance to Rushie.

Mignolet flailed and missed another high ball and Caulker handled twice (unnoticed) on the same cross, but the defense was surprisingly stout today.

Nil-nil, probably the correct result today. Unfortunately for both teams, a replay awaits. Our gain I suppose.



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